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So, Purple... This is revenge. I hope this kills you.

Purple’s phone buzzed in her pocket. She took it out, noticing a message from Etho. She smiled, and read the message.
“Hey, Purps, come over to my place later, ok?” it asked of her.
“Of course! When?” Purple texted back
“Just… Any time before 10:00PM…” The reply came, almost instantly.
“Sure! See you there <3” Purple texted back. She turned off her phone, and looked into her cupboard. What exactly should she wear?

She checked the time on her phone. 7PM. Etho hadn’t specified a time, so she may as well get there early? And be able to talk to him for longer… Which was always nice. She loved everything about Etho. His voice, his looks, his abilities, his touch… She wouldn’t go into those types of thoughts just yet. She allowed herself a small smile, while she walked out the door, towards Etho’s house.

She heard an enderpearl sound behind her, and she turned to see Etho.
“Hi!” She smiled. Etho smiled back, though he seemed rather sad, to her eyes.
“What’s wrong, Etho?” She asked, worried about him.
“What? Oh, it’s nothing… Here, I’ll take you to my house faster.” He stated, hurriedly taking her hand and enderpearling away. The moment they touched the lawn outside Etho’s house, he let go, and hurried inside. She followed, wondering what exactly was with him that night. Etho had enderpearled with her before, and he had never seemed so imbalanced and nervous before. She followed behind him, having to move quickly to keep up.

The couple were sat around the table, looking at each other, but Etho kept on dropping his eyes from her gaze. She tried to reach out for his hand, but he moved it away.
“Etho, what’s wrong?” She asked, quietly. He wouldn’t meet her gaze. He muttered something below his breath.
“What?” She asked, straining to hear. He muttered again, slightly louder than the first, but still too quietly for her to hear. She asked what he said again.

He looked up, meeting her gaze. It looked… haunted. That was the only word Purple could use to describe it. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. He sighed, then forced the words out in a rush.
“Purps, I loved you, and you’re great, but I just… I just…. Oh, dangit. I just don’t love you anymore!” He yelled, tired of hiding it. She gasped, hands to her mouth.
“What? E-E-Etho, how could you? Why? Who?” She was unable to articulate her feelings. Etho smiled, grimly.
“I can answer the question of who right now.” He stated, as Nebris walked through the door.
“Hi, Etho. Wait, what’s your little girlfriend doing here?” Nebris asked, as Etho rose and gave him a hug. Nebris pushed Etho away slightly, and asked about Purple again.

“Well, I just told her the news.” Etho said, then seeing Nebris’ querying look, he added, “About us. She seems pretty shocked.” Nebris laughed a laugh which chilled Purple.
“Sounds about right! You would expect her to be, after hearing that her ‘oh, so wonderful, handsome, intelligent boyfriend, the great Etho’ had deserted her!” Nebris said, each word striking a blow into Purple’s heart. Purple stood, unable to take it anymore. She fled the house, sobbing. She didn’t look where she was going, nor did she care. She just wanted it to end.

Daybreak found her sitting on her bed, curled up in a ball. Dehydrated, each sob racking her body. She didn’t care about anything. Etho’s rejection had completely destroyed her. Lately, she’d found that one of the few bright spots in her life had been Etho. Always there for her, always willing to comfort her. And now he was gone.

What felt like years later, but was likely only about an hour, she stopped crying. She stood, ashen faced, then, with a cry, fell. Her legs did not support her, after so long she had been curled up in a ball. She stood again, holding the bed and trembling. She staggered over to the door, and then out into the kitchen. Her only thought was to get some food. She was halfway there, when she fell. She hit the ground and lay there for a moment, thinking. She realised how ridiculous everything was. A grim laugh escaped her, as she wondered what point there was in living. A small part of her mind dispassionately told her that she was being overdramatic, but she paid it no heed. She climbed to her feet, and moved towards the chest where she kept her weapons.

She fell onto the chest’s lid, and, struggling to stand, opened it. She saw her shiny diamond blade sitting there, gathering dust. She reached inside, and grabbed it. She staggered over to her bed. She looked at it. That small part of her brain told her that it was a very bad idea to use the blade. She lifted it, ignoring her mind. She plunged it towards herself, thinking that it would remove all the pain. She cried out, when everything went red. Then it went black. Then she felt no more.

Date: 2014-04-08 01:00 am (UTC)
darknight307: vechs (Default)
From: [personal profile] darknight307
Oh my gosh, that was amazing.

Date: 2014-04-08 10:44 pm (UTC)
purplesky: (Default)
From: [personal profile] purplesky
This is like my worst case scenario for any relationship I might have. The suicide was a bit extreme, but possible.

And yes. You did break me with this. Nice realistic revenge.



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