So, Purple... This is revenge. I hope this kills you.

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Ignore this. 
Fleather, here it is. Purple, I hope it breaks you.

Etho and Purple walked down into the depths. Purple was here for a redstone lesson, or so she said. To anyone except Etho, it was obvious she just wanted to be near Etho. The two crouched down over some redstone.

“So, I have a warning to give you first. Never touch the live wire with your bare skin. Or even with less than two layers of clothing, for that matter. It will burn straight through you, leaving you in agony.  That sort of wound is almost unhealable.” He stated, pointing to the wire. Suddenly, a rush of wind swept through the chamber.


Purple’s head turned immediately, and all she saw was a large figure slamming into her. She flew backwards, landing directly onto the wires. Her body arched with the pain. Beside her, she noticed Guude. He must have tripped, and slammed straight into her, knocking them both into the live wires. Guude had slammed his head straight into the live wire, cutting it straight open. In the chat log, a new death message appeared.

Guude was vaporised by redstone.

Through the pain, she saw Etho taking out his sword and yelling. She strained to hear, and barely heard the words “Bdubs” and “Genny” from Etho. She saw him fighting, and saw him knocked to the ground.

Suddenly, she was pulled out of the wires. She screamed, as the voice of Bdubs seemed to sear her brain.

“So, this is Etho’s little girlfriend here? Killed by Etho himself, really. It’s his fault that these wires are here, after all. Let’s show her what we’re gonna do to the famous ‘ninja’.”

Through the pain, Purple made slight sense of what was being said. The B-Team was going to kill Etho. That much was obvious from what they were saying.  Suddenly, she felt herself propped up on the wall. She opened her eyes, to see Etho being dragged by Genny, while Bdubs ensured Purple would not escape. Like she would escape, her being almost dead and all. Suddenly, her brain made sense of the scene. Genny was dragging Etho towards the wire. Genny hefted Etho in the air, and tossed.


He flew through the air, and landed on the live wires with a thud. He screamed, a sound filled with so much pain and suffering, that even Genny looked uncomfortable. Purple could see Etho’s body slowly liquidising, his screaming becoming louder and louder, and even more terror filled. Suddenly, it was over.

Etho was liquefied by GenerikB using redstone.

It was over. Purple tried to cry, to escape, to do anything. But the tears wouldn’t come. She was dehydrated by the redstone. She was in so much pain, she couldn’t move a muscle. She saw Genny standing in front of her, sword in his hand.

“Shame it had to end like this. But you saw what we did. We can push it off as an accident, but not with you around. Nobody else is even online, so we’re safe. Guude’s dead. We own the server now.” Genny snarled, voice low and menacing. Suddenly, the sword shot forwards, entering her stomach. She looked at Genny with a look in her eyes. Genny understood what the look meant.

‘I might die, but I follow my love to the grave.’

PurpleSky was slain by GenerikB  



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